Woodland retreat

Our Vision for Woodland retreat was to create an authentic retreat experience with rustic design, the brief from the client suggested a calm living experience with authentic local elements.


Urban Grove

The decor in the house is eclectic. Each item has been curated over time by the client from her travels, heirlooms, experiences and memories, all have found place in the house giving it a very unique feel.


The Bodhi

In a bustling, loud, chaotic and restless Mumbai, a home on the 19th floor of a residential building takes pause. With an earthy aesthetic, ‘Bodhi’, uses muted colours, open, airy spaces, and a minimal design language, an oasis of calm and quiet


The loft

Located in the heart of Mumbai the loft is a industrial inspired interior project. Natural light, ventilation and the objective of utilizing the various vantage points to the fullest were of utmost importance while designing the space.


Vineyard Co

Located in the heart of Mumbai Vineyard Co is a industrial inspired hospitality project. The rustic finish of cement wall and wrought iron lights are subtly complimented with the collection of Sofas and armchairs.