Project Name: The Bodhi

Location: Oshiwara, Mumbai

Year: 2023

Type: Residential

Status: completed

Size: 1200 sqft.

In a bustling, loud, chaotic and restless Mumbai, a home on the 19th floor of a residential building takes pause. With an earthy aesthetic, ‘Bodhi’, uses muted colours, open, airy spaces, and a minimal design language, an oasis of calm and quiet. It’s a space to retrieve into, one where rest, relaxation, and comfort take precedence over all else for the family of three. It sets out to be a very breezy, textured, earthy house. Here, less is more. Minimalism, a muted colour palette, and a few elements come together to make a home that’s warm, inviting, and simple.

East view


Minimal design elements like – fluted wooden panels, subtle wall art, artistic wall paper, arches, wooden window panels, fluted glass. These elements have been composed in each area with care. The entrance to the house has an arched doorway, opening into the entry foyer that leads to living area. The dining and Kitchen are connected by a wooden framed window. This creates a play in the spaces and opens out the kitchen into the living as and when required. The living room has a cool grey tone complimented by the rustic wooden panelling that makes the space warm.  One of the common ideologies while designing was to keep the feel as serene and simple as possible, crafting a space that is both minimal and rustic. The furniture and decor in the space has its own character and attitude. The understated prints of the chair, rugs, bench, cushions accentuate the restrained shell while the relatively bare backdrop complements the design details.

 Beyond this area is a passage leading to three bedrooms, Guest bedroom is kept minimal with a POP of blue. The earthy elements are seen in the form of mandala art on the wall, wooden furniture accents. Kids Bedroom has a very suited theme for a 12-year-old daughter. Planning in this tight bedroom is such that it gives ample space for the daughter to explore add or subtract elements- By giving a platform bed and tucked wardrobe. Master bedroom has a tropical feel to it by adding an artisanal and hand painted wall paper that compliments the wooden accents to the furniture.

Kitchen shutters closed

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