House O

Project Name: House O

Location:  Mumbai

Year: 2023

Type: Residential

Status: completed

Size: 2200 sqft.

Designed to maximize ventilation while maintaining visual interest, the home represents a solution to counteract monotony, which is often done through visually interesting façades. Though aesthetically pleasing, this solution is important for more reasons than just most of the row houses overlooking the street in Mumbai, the solution of natural light and ventilation is a prerequisite for the design task.    

East view


We hope to create a rhythm and flexible space, where people can live in harmony with the sun, natural wind and trees by the closest way in this small plot of land.This design brief outlines the construction of a newly built sustainable and earth-friendly house, incorporating solar power and rainwater harvesting systems. The project includes the installation of an on-grid solar system, a solar water heater, and the implementation of rainwater harvesting with underground water storage tanks We also consider carefully bringing “nature” to living space. Nearly every location of the house always has at least a corner of the trees that will “soften” the space and make the feeling relaxed and gentle! As a house located in the western direction, it is imperative to calculate anti-heat solution in summer. We use a 3-layer solution for anti- heat. The first layer is 220 mm external wall to prevent the direct sunlight, the second layer is a green that blocks dust, generates oxygen and pushes hot air outward along with the bamboo screen that gives the house a unique aesthetic and sets the tone of the design as well; the third layer is glass door to get the light and prevent indirect heat to the house. This solution makes the house always cool, light-filled and has a view of Plants and bamboos.One more way of passively cooling the building is by doing lime plaster wash on the internal wall surfaces.

Building façade is perfectly framed by two exquisite coconut trees that had been growing tall for 18 years. The facade is made up of bamboo screen that makes the viewing experience very playful. This screen has a circular cut-out. It acts as a unique feature that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has practical purpose. It first and foremost act as a shading devise protecting the inside from direct sunlight. Secondly it serves as a railing for the balconies.

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