Heal housing

Project Name: Heal housing

Location: Kerala, India

Year: 2016

Type: Residential masterplanning

Status: Competition

Size: 50 Acre

Master Plan 

‘Communal Resilience’ symbolizes the combined ability of a community to use locally available materials to fight. withstand and recover from any threatening peril or calamity. By compelling people to build and live in a community-Pthemed refuge area enhances the feeling of association and brings about a change in the priorities for recuperation. The design breaks down the area into a group of 20 families, provides them amenities to self-sustain and thereby ride out the crisis together. These groups. then. become the building molecules for the bigger community of 100. The clusters have been spread across the site adapting to its existing fabric. Each housing 20 families. 5 clusters house about 100 families and their livestock. Each cluster is placed in a way that it provides shelter for all the families in that area.. 

studio-mat-architects-and-interior-design-heal-kerela 2

Aerial view


Element Design The element has been designed as a temporary shelter at the time of floods. It can be constructed by the respective family using locally available materials like bamboo, cane malts, etc… When the water level rises, the element elevates above the ground making it a safe shelter for the community.

Sloped roof in V shape works as a gutter and harvests the raining water. It acts as a skylight as well as helping in cross ventilation. Its inclination is perfect to hold solar panels!
The bamboo structure works as a framework for the partitions

studio-mat-architects-and-interior-design-heal-kerela 2
studio mat architects and interior design heal kerela
studio-mat-architects-and-interior-design-heal-kerela 2

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